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World's Thinnest, Handiest Laptop Stand Ever! Raise Your Laptop with 6 Positions in No Time!!

Majextand the thinnest & handiest laptop stand ever!

Majextand Is The World Thinnest Laptop Stand For Mac/PC (Promotes Great Posture). It is the best laptop stand to keep you from hunching over. - TK Bay

I’m very satisfied with the Majextand and I can’t believe almost anyone talked about this in France and maybe Europe ! - Antoine Dess

Majextand’s Story

Majextand has become my new everyday laptop stand. - Larry Yu, Coworking Chronicles


MAJEXTAND was specifically invented to help people keep good 

cervical and spinal posture while carrying their MacBooks(Laptops)

On The Go. It's the world's thinnest and handiest MacBook(laptop)

stand ever. It's thinner than a dollar, but can raise a MacBook(laptop)

as high as an iMac(desktop) with 1 finger in 1 second and 6 adjustable


⁃ MacBook + MAJEXTAND = iMac On The Go

⁃ Laptop + MAJEXTAND = Desktop On The Go



1. Thinnest - 1.7mm only, thinner than a dollar

2. Handiest - 1 finger in 1 second operation, simple installation and removal

3. Extraordinary design, made by precision technologies

4. Easy adjustability for 6 ergonomic laptop positions

5. 3D phenomenal cooling system

6. Accompanied by 80°C heat-resistant and no-residue adhesive strips that can be easily removed and reattached to other laptops

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