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🅗🅞🅣 Zeczec、Kickstater、Makuake HOT selling product — Majextand M 🅗🅞🅣

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| Covering every possible angle(0° to 90°)
| Easy To Switch Between Devices
| Free Yourself From Harms & Injuries
| One Stand For Everything
| Rotate To Landscape Mode In A Second


|Content: Majextand×1 & Adhesive docking sheet×1
|Origin: 100% in Taiwan
|Dimension: 105mm x 63.5mm
|Materials: Stainless steel SUS#301/304/420
|Weight: 75g
|Thickness: 2.3mm


◆Warranty: Your Majextand M is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ONE(1) YEAR, from the date of original retail purchase, when used in accordance with the user manual.
◆If you have any question about the product, please check the FAQ on Majextand official website.
◆ Product Manual :  ZH  EN

◎ Majextand M can lift up any mobile device lighter than 500g which screen size is between 4.7” and 10.9”.
◎ The Majextand M adhesive docking sheet can be applied to the hard materials and flat surfaces like glass, metal, PC,… We don’t recommend applying it to curved, uneven textured surfaces or soft materials like silicone, leather or rubber phone cases.

Majextand M | 8 printing options

  • ◎ Majextand M is not for children under the age of seven (7).
    ◎ This product contains magnets. Please stay away from Heart rate regulators, Insulin pumps, Credit cards, Compasses or Precision instruments & objects that are easily affected by magnetism. Besides, it may affects the function of some sensitive accessories, e.g., Samsung S Pen, EMR Pen etc., which need to detach the Majextand M before using them on the phones or tablets.