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Q: What's the content of one Majextand  package?

A: There will be one Majextand ,two adhesive strips, four assistant rubber feets and one alcohol pad in each package.

Q: How many colors does Majextand have?

A: There are five colors: Silver, Space gray, Black, Champagne glod and Rose gold.

Q: What’s Majextand made from?

A: Majextand is made of zinc alloy and stainless steel.

Q: What are the Majextand’s dimensions and weight?

A: Width: 140 mm / 5.5 inches Length: 141 mm / 5.6 inches Height: 1.7 mm / 0.07 inches Weight: 136 g

Q: What laptop sizes can be used with Majextand? Is it compatible with tablets?

A: Majextand is compatible with any MacBook(laptop) whose screen size is smaller than 18”, non-touch screen, the bottom case is intact, no cooling holes. It is not recommended to apply on tablets, but it can be used on iPad Pro that combines with its magic keyboard.

**Tablets’ screen size smaller than 10.9” are suggested to install Majextand M.

Q: What kind of laptop’s surface or protective case material can Majextand be applied to ?

A: The adhesive strips under Majextand’s base frame are used particularly on hard surfaces like aluminum alloy and hard plastic cases. Soft surface materials like silicone, TPU/TPE or any other similar materials are not attachable.

Q: What are Majextand’s advantages ?

A: Majextand is designed to provide 6 heights between 7cm to 12cm for different situations and eye levels, which the highest level is the same as an iMac screen. It can help you to avoid hunching over while using laptops.

Q: Is Majextand rustproof? Will it rust in general circumstances?

A:Yes, it is rustproof. Majextand was made of stainless steel 304 and baking paint; therefore, it won’t rust under normal circumstances. However, please avoid its contact with high salt or high acid-based substances.

Q: Where was it designed and manufactured?

A: Majextand was designed and made in Taiwan.

Q: Does Majextand provide the warranty?

A: Majextand is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year, from the date of original retail purchase, and when used in accordance with Majextand’s user manual.

Q: Can Majextand be used properly in an extreme environment?

A: It's been tested with the temperature -4°F - 176°F ( -20°C - 80°C ) thermal shock testing, which means you can use it in an extreme environment without worry.

Installation and removal

Q: How should I install Majextand onto my laptops?

A: Wipe the devices’ surface by using an alcohol pad and then follow the instructions to install Majextand onto your laptops. Please DO check Majextand’s installation position and direction. For details, please check the installation instruction.

Q:Do I have to install the assistant rubber feets?

A : The assistant rubber feets are compatible with any type of Macbook. If the laptop’s (or protective case) original feets are higher than 2.5mm, it wouldn’t need to install the assistant rubber feets.

Q: How should I remove Majextand from my laptop? Would the device’s or its case’s surface get damaged or leave residue?

A: Please follow the remove instruction in the manual and remove the two sides of the strip very slowly. And don't worry, it’s non-residue adhesive strips which doesn’t leave any residue on a device or its case’s surface.


Q: Can the Majextand adhesive strips be used repeatedly?

A: No, its adhesive strips cannot be reapplied. Each package includes one pair of spare adhesive strips, which can help you to reattach Majextand to another laptop. If you would like to get more adhesive strips, please purchase the component package.

Q: How could I purchase the component package? What’s the content of the package?

A: Please purchase the component package on our official website store or message our official Facebook fan page to buy it. Each package contains 4 adhesive strips and 2 sets of assistant rubber feets.

Operational issues

Q: Will it make my wrist uncomfortable during long-time typing when using Majextand’s highest height?

A: Majextand is mainly designed for lifting up laptop screens to keep a proper eye level and avoid hunching over while using laptops. Therefore, if you need a comfortable long-time typing, we’ll recommend you using the external keyboard.

Q: Why is the stickiness of the assistant rubber feet not that strong? Will the assistant rubber feets be peeled during storing the laptop into the bag?

A: The weaker stickiness of the assistant rubber feets is designed to protect the original feets. Thus, when putting laptops into bags, please be careful to avoid the assistant rubber feets be peeled off by the edge of the bag.